Floral Lace Bookmark

Mark your place with a floral lace bookmark in your favorite color. Polkadot Orchid Embroidery creates each bookmark using nothing more than thread and a special sheet to stitch on!

Our unique process goes like this:

1) Take a specially-prepared sheet of water soluble material.
2) Machine embroider the bookmark using a special sequence to ensure the lace will hold together securely without unraveling.
3) Rinse out the support, leaving a lace bookmark!
4) Dry. (We dry all bookmarks for at least 2 days.)

Since we create each bookmark out of thread right here in the USA, we can make them in any color. This makes them great gifts for children who would love to see something in their favorite color. Alternatively, we can use school colors for alumni or current students. They even make great wedding favors: order a set using your wedding colors.

We have a variety of colors currently in stock. If you would like to place a special order for another color, or you want additional quantities, please check out our Custom Order Lace Bookmarks. Very large orders (more than 12) may require additional time.

Each lace bookmark measures 2.67 x 6.87 inches (67.8 x 174.5 mm) and incorporates a floral pattern. The flowers within this lace each have 5 open petals around a stitched center. This makes the lace look like different types of flowers depending on the color. For example, blue lace would be for forget-me-not while red, pink, or white could be for wild roses.

Made in USA.
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