Dog Portrait Golf Towel - Trifold

Do you have a special breed of dog? This tri-fold golf towel is embroidered with a portrait of your favorite breed. You can choose a thread color to reflect your favorite pooch or you can pick your favorite color. The color you choose will be embroidered over a background layer that matches the towel. (This keep the fuzz from coming up through the fine details of the dog's portrait over time). Since these towels are embroidered with dog portraits, the embroidery is able to show the expressive markings and shapes of the dog's face.

We only embroider on top-quality towels. The velour terrycloth towels measure 16" x 26" before being folded into thirds. They are available in eight different colors. A metal grommet and clip at the top make it easy to attach this towel to your golf bag or anywhere else you need it.

* Afghan Hound
* Australian Cattle Dog
* Bearded Collie
* Bichon Frise
* Bloodhound
* Boston Terrier
* Bulldog
* Bullmastiff
* Cane Corso (cropped or uncropped ears)
* Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
* Cocker Spaniel
* Dachshund
* English Springer Spaniel
* Entlebucher Mountain Dog
* French Bulldog
* German Shepherd
* Goldendoodle
* Great Dane (cropped or full ears)
* Great Pyrenees
* Icelandic Sheepdog
* Jack Russell Terrier
* Japanese Chin
* Klee Kai
* Labrador Retriever
* McNab Shepherd
* Newfoundland
* Papillon
* Pomeranian
* Pug
* Rat Terrier
* Saluki
* Samoyed
* Scottish Terrier
* Spinone Italiano
* Toy Fox Terrier
* Weimeraner (shown)
* West Highland Terrier
* Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
* Yorkshire Terrier

Don't see your breed? We also have a silhouette dog towel which features different breeds.

* Black
* Hunter
* Khaki
* Maroon
* Navy
* Red
* Silver
* White

Please allow up to 5 standard business days for us to embroider your dog portrait golf towel. We will ask for your dog breed and a thread color during the checkout process.
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