Polkadot Orchid Embroidery is a custom embroidery shop located in Stafford, Virginia. We are capable of embroidering on almost any item - from small golf towels to baseball hats to large jacket backs and horse blankets. We can also digitize our own designs and create embroidered versions of business logos upon request.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the ability to customize their purchases. We use 56 different colors of thread to thread to custom embroider a number of different items.

Many of our items make great gifts for family, friends, or weddings. If there is something in particular that you're looking for, feel free to contact us. We're a small business and love to fulfill special requests.

Neutrals: Black, Charcoal, Metal grey, Silver, Steel grey, White
Browns: Brass, Brown, Dark Chocolate, Ivory, Rust, Tan
Greens: Emerald, Grass, Holly, Irish, Lime, Moss, Olive, Sage, Sea Green, Split pea, Teal
Yellows: Chartreuse, Gold, Havana yellow, Lemon, Yellow
Oranges: Flame, Orange, Melon, Peach
Pinks: Baby pink, Fuchsia, Mauve, Rose, Salmon, Tropical pink
Reds: Brick red, Burgundy, Raspberry, Red, Scarlet
Purples: Dark purple, Hyacinth purple, Lavender, Plum
Blues: Aqua, Baby blue, Electric blue, Navy, Royal blue, Steel Blue, Tropical blue